Basic Rules of Use

The following rules aim for the correct application of signatures of the Bienal de São Paulo Foundation in all visual material developed within and outside of the institution. Below are the basic rules for the variables of the core of visual identity: application of colors, typographic composition and dimensions of reproduction. The symbol design, the signature composition and the spelling of names of the institution should not be altered in any circumstances.


"bienal" or "bienal são paulo" should be used, taking into account the context in which the piece is produced; respectively national or international. Other signatures from internal sectors of the Foundation are applied only in material that refers to the sectors in question and cannot substitute the Bienal signature in other contexts.

Typographic Family

The official visual identity typographic family is Neue Helvetica (LT Std ® Linotype). There is no auxiliary font. However, when it is necessary to use a system font, Arial is recommended. The weight used in signatures is Helvetica Neue LT Std 65 Medium.


The official colors of the system of visual identity are grey. The other 24 colors are supplementary and should only be used when absolutely necessary. When used with backgrounds that are not white or black, signatures should be used in white or black. Signatures can only be used in grey versions with a white background. The use of vector version of the brand does not have a defined color.

Minimum Sizes

The minimum height of all horizontal signatures is 5mm or 30px. All vertical signatures are limited by the width of the symbol (independently of the typography) in 5.1mm or 32px.

Areas of Protection

A minimum area of protection should surround all signatures. A white space equal to half of the signal width should be established above, below, to the right and to the left of the signature (independent of typography).


Signatures of visual identity are available in EPS 8 format, which means they are read by the vast majority of vector software. The use of the older version of the EPS format can generate distortions in the software standard visualization but it does not compromise the result. The archives follow a specific nomenclature: bienal[_sector]_[orientation]_[color]_brand.eps or bienalsaopaulo_[orientation]_[color]_brand.eps, being that orientation can be Horizontal, Vertical, Compact or only Symbol, and the color refers to the black gradation in the CMYK scale, from 000 to 100.


bienal (preferenciais)


bienal são paulo (preferenciais)