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32nd Bienal Poster

Authorship: Aninha de Carvalho, Adriano Campos, Roman Atamanczuk

A reference to the simplified signs on hiking trails and the visual appeal of technical drawings of living beings are the inspiration behind the creation of the 32nd Bienal posters. Plants and animals that are easily recognizable, and somehow present in the Brazilian cultural and/or natural world, have been given simplified designs that are far removed from scientific detail. The jellyfish, crab and cassava root echo the cultural and environmental heritage of Brazil. The signs come from elementary geometric shapes and sharply contrast the handmade drawings. The colors yellow, red and blue, taken from standard traffic signals, are always applied to the signs, but refer to the images and evoke ideas such as danger, caution, attention and life. In the overlapping of elements, the idea of uncertainty is synthesized as a living entity with which we not only have to live with but also engage with.

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