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25th Bienal Poster

Authorship: Benjamin Yung and Guilherme Facci

“The result of a competition that had 252 entries, the first poster of the 25th Bienal, created by advertisers Benjamin Yung Jr. and Guilherme Facci was charged with plagiarism. The second version, presented by the same duo after a new call for works, reproduced the door of an old apartment, number 25, and its peephole. Selected once again by the judging committee, the pair received the prize of $10,000 Brazilian reals. The prize was originally R$20,000 reals. The jury was comprised of architect Ricardo Ohtake, the curators of the 25th Bienal, Alfons Hug and Agnaldo Farias and graphic designers Milton Cipis and Chico Homem de Melo, who also selected the fifty best works to compose an exhibition at Espaço Cultural Pavilhão da Bienal.” – Agência Estado, “The same duo creates the Bienal Poster,” December 10. 2001

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