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27th Bienal Poster

Authorship: Jorge Macchi; Rodrigo Cerviño Lopez

“The Argentine artist Jorge Macchi tried to think of an image for a poster that was not illustrative of the event, but that dialogued with the proposals of the 27th edition, so he chose to use a photograph of a fragment of his work, Speaker’s Corner (2002), in which the presence of isolated quotes from newspaper cut outs evokes a coexistence of phrases and speakers. It is an ambivalent image: on the one hand, it alludes to the democratic coexistence of discourses and, on the other, to their emptiness and paralysis. In the photograph, the space and the characteristics of the paper are visible. When they return to two-dimensionality, the fragments of paper do not return to their initial state in the newspaper. The photograph tells the story of these cut outs; what is especially interesting to the artist is the sculptural character that the paper acquires when the information for which it was a support disappears.”

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